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I Went an Got a Scalp Facial

I Went an Got a Scalp Facial


Being on my “hair growth journey” I have been taking and using all kinds of supplements, collagens, and using every hair health mask and product possible.  So while, my hair is growing and feels healthy, I had never really thought about my scalp and what state that is in.  A couple weeks ago I was getting my hair colored with Lea Arpell at Madison D’ Alexandre in Greenwich, CT and I was explaining to her about my hair growth dreams.  She suggested that I try this amazing service they offer at their salon called the “Exclusive Bespoke Hair & Scalp Therapy Treatment” which I like to refer to as the Scalp Facial.  She explained to me that same as with skin and even brows, when there is layers of dead, waxy skin cells and buildup, its hard for growth to occur or it takes much much longer due.  Being the beauty junkie that I am, of course I booked an appointment a week later.


I arrived to the salon in my most glamorous sweat suit ( I was told the treatment was about 75 minutes so I wanted to just relax and be comfortable).  Maxine, the technician who performs the service was SO warm and friendly and had the most amazing zen energy.  She first used this device called the “Capilliscope” which uses a high tech camera to examine your scalp and shows you a super up close view of your hair follicles.  While she uses the camera, in front of you is an iPad so you are able to see the waxy, clogged, oily follicles.  Its kind of gross but also extremely fascinating.  Once, she had examined scalp and with a fair diagnosis of tackling the heavy buildup in my scalp and the dryness on the ends, she set to work.

She first began by applying this concentrated oil over my entire scalp.  The smell was so divine as Renee Furterer, the line responsible for this treatment, is all plant based and uses aromatherapy.  The oil felt a little stingily all over my head, which for me meant it was activated and working by breaking down all that heavy buildup and clogged hair follicles. Once the oil was applied, she took a boar brush and brushed my hair in every direction, up, down, side ways, starting from the nape of my neck and going up. She applied a hydrating oil on the ends of my hair which were the driest. The best part was the 10 minute scalp massage which followed. Maxine’s hands are literally blessed. I kind of blacked out in bliss during this portion, there is nothing like a really good scalp massage.

After, she took a color brush and applied a special shampoo and worked it into my scalp. She then led me to the sink and wrapped my head into this “bag” with a head band to wrap around it securely. The bag is attached to a hose which started to emit steam into the bag. The steam helps open up the pores allowing for pure product penetration, which is amazing. She wrapped me up in a blanket and I stayed here for 20 minutes. Afterwards, she gave me a double shampoo with another scalp and neck massage and the best hair mask ever!  


This treatment does not include a blow dry afterwards, so I scheduled one anyway. When the stylist took my hair out of the towel, the roots of my hair were standing straight up!  I couldn’t believe that my wet hair was already so voluminous. As my hair was being dried I felt like I had a layer of air between my scalp and my hair.  We went back to the Capilliscope to re-examine my scalp and saw that so much wax and buildup was removed as well as the actual hair follicle sitting up-right instead of being weighed down by dead skin and products.  The stylist said I would probably need another treatment in a couple weeks to completely remove everything. Just like a facial, it can take several treatments to get you to optimal results. In my head I had already added this new treatment into my monthly beauty maintenance. The salon informed me that this treatment can be for both men or women and can help with hair loss and thinning as well. They even have clients that come in once a week for it!


There are two variations of this scalp treatment, the one above I mentioned is about an hour long ($95) and the other has an added cupping session which I will try next time ($125).

For my subscribers interested in trying any variation of this treatment, the salon is offering a complimentary blow dry after when booking this treatment for the first time, by mentioning my name and code “SDS”.


My hair days after felt amazing and shiny, as well as the blow out lasted longer than usual, probably because my scalp was thoroughly clean. I cannot express how absolutely fabulous this treatment is and I truly look forward to my next scalp facial!

Salon Mentioned:
Maison D’Alexandre

33 Lewis St,
Greenwich, CT 06830

(203) 661-1111

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My hair care for growth & health!

My hair care for growth & health!

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