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Lash & Brow Masque

A revolutionary lash and brow masque formula addresses the visible and physical signs of compromised lashes and brows. Whether due to over-styling, daily makeup usage, or damage caused by professional lash or brow services, this masque repairs damaged, compromised hair by infusing it with an immediate burst of intense, nutrient-rich ingredients to promote the look of healthier, softer, shinier, more flexible hair.

What It Does:
This one-of-a-kind formula features scientifically advanced tube technology that encapsulates nutrient dense ingredients to repair and restore lash and brow health, while delivering needed hydration for strong, shiny, healthy lashes and brows

What else you need to know:
• Physician developed
• Ophthalmologist reviewed
• Dermatologist reviewed
• Clinically tested
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-irritating
• Oil-free
• No parabens, phthalates, fragrance or gluten
• Vegan-friendly
• Cruelty-free
• Safe for contact lens wearers
• Safe for sensitive eyes
• Made in USA

How to Use:
1 Twice a week, swipe the applicator evenly over clean, dry lashes and brows until fully coated
2 Leave on for at least 15 minutes, or until product dries
3 Apply warm water on lashes and brows, continuing to soak until product begins to loosen or release from the hair
4 Use comb side of the applicator to remove the masque gently from the lashes and brows
5 Repeat until product is fully removed
6 To clean the comb, use anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Let dry naturally. Do not sanitize with alcohol or any other chemical sterilizer