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Why a spray tan will cure almost anything

Why a spray tan will cure almost anything

The title of this may seem a bit dramatic, but that is how radical a spray tan can elevate your mood! Take it from me, if there’s one thing I know its the instant gratification of a beauty service.  Whenever I am feeling really blah about myself, I will book a spray tan.  I don’t believe in needing a justification of getting a beauty treatment.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m getting a blow out and the stylist will ALWAYS ask, “So, what are your big plans for tonight?!”  I used to lie and say I had someone’s birthday dinner to attend or whatever, but now I literally just say “nothing, I just wanted a blow out.”


So my spray tanning obsession began years and years ago when I was working at my first job at a tanning salon.  They had a new machine where a spray tan tech would spray tan you from head to toe and I was hooked.  It was so much different than the “Mystic” tan booth where you would stand in a room and this machine would hose you down.  If you have ever used one of those, you know how terrible and uneven it comes my personal opinion.  From there on, once I began working as an esthetician in a spa, I was trained to offer spray tans.  So when I say I am a spray tan connoisseur, I mean it.


Spray tans are not for a low-maintenance kind of woman.  For people that can’t handle any mid to high maintenance, this may not be for you.  First, the 3 days before I get a spray tan, I am exfoliating and prepping my skin like its my job.  I like to use a sugar or salt scrub along with the Exfoliating Body Mitt from Nicole Caroline during every shower.  I will even shave my entire body to remove any vellus (peach fuzz) that is laying on the surface; I want the spray tan solution to lay on my skin! After the exfoliating showers I will lather on my favorite body oil and body lotion so my skin is baby soft and supple.  When your skin is very dry the spray tan will grab and stain that area darker and look weird which is why the prep is so important!

Day of the spray tan, I will take an exfoliating shower, but not use any scrubs that have any oils in them.  For a spray tan you need your skin to be bare and dry so the application will turn out even.  No lotions or deodorant, I just apply a light moisturizer to my face, put Doctor Rodgers RESTORE Healing Balm on my lips and brows ***PLEASE do this, even if you are just applying self tanner.  If you don’t, brows can turn an orangey color.***

The spray tan tech will apply lotion to your hands and feet but I always ask for extra lotion on my feet, especially the sides of my heels, the driest part.  Make sure your hair is in a plastic shower cap (those mesh ones I do not trust) so your gorgeous hair color doesn’t take any of the solution.  You can wear whatever you like during the service, I typically just wear a thong, but it’s entirely up to your comfort level.  Believe me, as someone who did this service for clients for years, they DO NOT CARE what you look like.  They have seen it all and they have insecurities of their own. They are more focused on making sure the application is even.  Trust me.


After the spray tan, you want to put on the loosest, darkest, comfiest ensemble you have.  I have a winter spray tan outfit and a summer one. (Sweatsuit set and a summer dress).  I always ask for powder on areas that will feel damp (chest, interior of elbows, under your buttcheeks)

Then I will marinate for hours in this solution.  There is an express tan that they say you can shower after 2-3 hours but I really like my solution to set, so I go at least 6 hours.  If you sleep in it, just be mindful it most likely will transfer some of the cosmetic bronzer onto your sheets/pillowcase but it should come out in the wash.


The next day I take my first “rinse.”  This is a 5-10 min lukewarm shower where I rinse the bronzer that is in the solution off.  With this rinse, there’s no soap and you don’t want to rub and scrub on your skin.  Be really careful drying off (pat dry after every shower until you’re ready to scrub it off in a week).  After I apply the Vessl or Glow body lotion to my skin.  When I take my next shower I love to use the Glo body soap to maintain the longevity and even-ness of my tan.  


Once my spray tan starts to fade ( a sad day) I first start by taking a bath with some Jojoba oil in it to soften my skin.  Next I’ll jump into the shower with this pink mitt that looks like a hand sock.  If you are a frequent spray tanner and don’t own this thing, you need to get one.  It literally erases the tan off your body and down the shower drain.  It may take one or two showers to remove the tan completely.  

A spray tan can be so versatile.  Whether you are naturally really pale and just want to look like you have a pulse, or you want to look like you spent 6 weeks in Aruba, any look can be achieved.  If you are starting out, I would recommend saying you want a natural glow.

The spray tan can help hide imperfections in your skin, kind of like how makeup/foundation can cover things up.  It truly makes me feel beautiful and sun-kissed, I am just obsessed with this service.  I get my spray tans with Kara Mac, who owns a an awesome spray tan salon in Branford, but also offers an at home mobile spray tan service right in the comfort and privacy in your own home.  Kara is a genius when it comes to spray tans, her attention to detail and knowledge of spray tanning is unparalleled plus she makes you feel SO comfortable.

If you’re having winter blues, feel like you need a pick me up, or always wanted to try a spray tan, please just get one! I promise if you read this post in it’s entirety you will have the best tan of your life!

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